Food is medicine.

The power we have to nourish ourselves starts well before chewing.  Today we are creating our body and mind of tomorrow.

Here you'll find  kitchen tips + tricks, knowledge about food prep, kitchen setup and how to get the most out of what you eat. 

Whole food, plant based, easy and delicious meals to nourish you and your loved ones.

FOOD STAPLES : plant powered goodness

Digestion starts well before chewing.  Being organised with our food means we are setting ourselves up for really nourishing ourselves and our family and having a healthy relationship with our food.  Building a great whole food plant powered pantry means you can easily make countless nourishing meals.  Here are my top tips for staple foods to have at home.

I suggest all of my favourite DRY ingredients over 3 videos - 1. nuts, seeds and powders,  2: whole grains, legumes and flours, 3: spices + herbs.

1. nuts + seeds + powders
2. whole grains + legumes + flours 
some very important ones I didn't mention here as they I don't buy them from my dry store shop : coconut milk, tamari (wheat free soy sauce), sesame oil, nori seaweed sheets (for japanese food), rice wine vinegar (for pickling vegetables), tinned apple (for making apple sauce for baking, porridge and apple crumbles),
3. spices + herbs

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